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Transforming the Industry: The Impact of the Debt Buyers' Association

· ARM Industry,RMA,DBA,New Debt Buyer

As the debt purchasing industry continues to evolve, the requirements for membership within the Debt Buyers Association (DBA) are also being refined. With this in mind, I would like to share my observations on some of the developments and potential changes that could further enhance the association's goals and objectives.

One positive development is the emphasis on certification, which provides instant credibility to companies and enhances their standing with debt sellers. However, it may be beneficial to consider streamlining the certification process by moving from an annual audit and a bi-annual audit to a single yearly audit that would satisfy both the DBA membership requirement and the creditor's purchase audit.

Another challenge facing the DBA is the lack of representation for small and medium-sized debt buyers. This can lead to a narrow representation of the receivable industry and hinder its growth. That is why I am considering running for the DBA board again. My goal would be to advocate for and represent the interests of these smaller players in the industry.

In addition, the DBA's outdated website is also a hindrance to its visibility and relevance. An updated website that reflects modern web trends and is optimized for search engines would greatly improve the DBA's online presence.

In conclusion, the new membership requirements for the DBA are a positive step in the right direction, and I hope to see continued refinement and improvement in the future. As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions on how the DBA can better serve the needs of its members.


Jeffery Hartman