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    I am one of the top financial industry's leading Strategy Consultants. I lend my precious advice to different organizations for taking high-level unbiased decisions. With 10 years of long and fruitful experience in the financial world, I have been able to assist many organizations such as banks, investment funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions, regarding anywhere from origination to defaulted debt.

    Pertaining to my skill levels, I hold expertise in investments, strategy consultancy, portfolio management, risk management, business development, and strategic planning.

    In addition, I believe in maintaining the trust issue of clients. There have been instances in my career where I had to make strong choices just for the sake of maintaining a client’s trust. However, this has always worked well in my favor.



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    A Consumer’s Guide on How to Handle Debt Collection Agency 1. You need to be aware of debt collection agencies who tend to offer you with a credit card in the case you repay a potentially expired and old debt, in parts or in full. Different terms like “Balance Transfer Program” or “Fresh Start...
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    How to handle debt collector calls about a paid debt Have you ever had a call from a debt collector regarding a paid debt? It’s something most consumers dread. The best advice for you is never to avoid them. Be proactive as soon as you get that call. Get to the bottom of why your defaulted paid...
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  • I am not interested in preserving the status quo. I innovate, I lead, and I generate new and fresh ideas in a market hell-bent on remaining stagnant in an ever-changing technological world to which I relentlessly serve. My goals are the same as my clients I represent.

    - Innovation, Profit, and Success!

    Jeffery Hartman​


    Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC

    Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC

    Managing Partner 

    Feb 2016 – Present

    Fitzgerald Advisors, LLC provides loan advisory services for banks, investment funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions wishing to buy and/or sell performing and non-performing whole loan portfolios. Fitzgerald originated in the distressed consumer debt space and has advised over 1B+ dollars in face value of distressed receivables to litigation firms, collection agencies, passive debt buyers, individual investors and private investment funds over the past several years.

    Fitzgerald Equity Partners, LLC

    Fitzgerald Equity Partners, LLC

    Managing Partner 

    Feb 2013 – Present


    Fitzgerald Equity Partners, LLC (FEP) is a distressed asset management group that makes capital investments in distressed NPL, and charged-off receivables and seeks to achieve high returns while reducing downside risk.

    Victor’s Hope Foundation (VHF)

    Victor’s Hope Foundation (VHF)

    Board Of Directors

    Feb 2014 – Present



    Victor’s Hope Foundation (VHF) was organized exclusively as a neutral and impartial humanitarian organization that aims to provide high-quality medical care to the people who need it the most. It does not promote the agenda of any country or political party.

    Challenges in life are as big as we perceive them to be, but nothing is impossible if YOU
    put your mind to it and work hard to achieve it. Always strive to be all you can be!
    - Victor Sopuruchi Chukwueke




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