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Breakdown Of The Total Wages Earned By Debt Collectors In Every State

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Among the few annoying things a person faces in life is the calls from a debt collector. Nobody wants to be reminded of paying the money they owe to someone. Well, not because they don’t want to pay, but because it can get irritating at times. And that's what most debt collectors do, they keep calling you day in and day out to recover the debts you owe.


But, if you want to know how much does a person who deals with money, that is, the debt collector earns, you’re at the right place. Here’s the occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you a fair insight of how much the debt collectors earn on an average in every state in the United States. This data is analyzed and will give you the average figure of how much money or how less money a debt collector makes through his job.


Some States In The United States Where Debt Collectors Make Most Money:

According to BLS, a debt collector in the U.S, on an average makes $37,650 annual wage.

Few states where a debt collector earns the most annually are as follows:


1. Connecticut - $46,470 Mean Annual Wage

2. Massachusetts - $44,700 Mean Annual Wage

3. New Jersey - $43,920 Mean Annual Wage

4. Rhode Island - $43,530 Mean Annual Wage

5. California - $42,830 Mean Annual Wage

6. Alaska - $41,830 Mean Annual Wage

7. Vermont - $41,390 Mean Annual Wage

8. Maryland - $41,160 Mean Annual Wage

9. New York - $40,510 Mean Annual Wage

10. Hawaii - $39,980 Mean Annual Wage

From the above data it is clearly visible that the states where debt collectors earns the most wages are the ones that are geographically located in the Pacific and the northeast, among which there is an exception of Maryland.


Some States In The United States Where Debt Collectors Make Least Money

Apart from earning the most amount of money, there are also various states where debt collectors earn relatively low.

Few states where a debt collector earns the least annually are as follows:


1. Arkansas - $31,660 Mean Annual Wage

2. Tennessee - $32,430 Mean Annual Wage

3. South Dakota - $32,440 Mean Annual Wage

4. Louisiana - $32,460 Mean Annual Wage

5. Utah - $32,540 Mean Annual Wage

6. Mississippi - $32,560 Mean Annual Wage

7. Kansas - $32,760 Mean Annual Wage

8. Missouri - $32,820 Mean Annual Wage

9. West Virginia - $33,080 Mean Annual Wage

10. Montana - $33,290 Mean Annual Wage

From the above data it is clear that the states of the West, Midwest and the South are dominating the list of least wages a debt collector earns.

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