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The ideal DBA Board Candidate


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Dear, ARM Colleagues

As the election for the DBA Board is underway, it is imperative that the candidates possess certain qualifications that will positively impact the small debt buyer community and the industry as a whole.

We highly recommend that the ideal candidate be an owner or officer of a small debt buyer company that is not publicly traded and does not already have representation on the board. Furthermore, the candidate's company should primarily engage in debt buying activities, with a significant portion of its business derived from purchased debt rather than contingency work.

It is also crucial that the candidate's agency has a favorable reputation and a good relationship with both buyers and sellers, with no excessive complaints. Additionally, the candidate and their company should have been in active operation for a minimum of 5 years.

Integrity is a crucial attribute that the candidate must possess. The candidate should also have a clear understanding that their role on the board is to further the interests of the debt purchasing industry and not to prioritize their own profits and relationships.

In recent years, small buyer representation on the DBA board has been limited, and this has been a concern for the industry. Small businesses are the backbone of the debt buying industry and are the originators of this field. It is vital to challenge the status quo for the growth and sustainability of the industry, and we support candidates who will work towards bridging the gap between small and large businesses, and drive the industry forward.

We appreciate your consideration of these recommendations.


Jeffery A. Hartman