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The ideal DBA Board Candidate

· DBA,RMA,Debt Collection,debt buyer

As DBA is ongoing and we are looking at new people running for the DBA Board, several qualifications come to mind that would best benefit the small debt buyer and the industry as a whole:

  1. The candidate should be an owner or officer of a small debt buyer - one that is not publicly traded nor already has representation already on the board.
  2. The candidate’s company should be an actual debt buyer, with most of the business coming from purchased debt rather than contingency work.
  3. The candidate's agency should have no excessive complaints and a good relationship with buyers and sellers.
  4. The candidate – and their company - should have been actively in business for the past 5 years
  5. The candidate should have a high level of integrity.
  6. The candidate should be on the board to further the interests of the debt purchasing industry – not to increase profits and relationships for their company.

A general problem with the DBA board over recent years has been that small buyer representation has been limited, if existent. The small businesses of the industry are the backbone of debt buying and the originators of the industry. Challenging the status quo will be necessary for the future of the business, as we are concerned about independence, availability of business, and regulations that damage the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of small businesses in our industry. We support candidates who will seek to bridge the gap between small and large businesses and move the industry forward.


Jeffery A. Hartman

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