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How can I find out which collection agency I owe my debt to?

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How can I find out which collection agency I owe my debt to?

If you’re in a position to pay some debt to the debt collectors, you are not directly involved, you wouldn’t know which collection agency has your account.

If you don’t know which collection agency or collector has your defaulted receivable, here are some tips to find those folks:

You should get organized

In the process of determining how much you owe and which agency has your debt, the first step is to get organized. Organize your last bills and the statements or contract. This will also help you as a proof to provide to the original creditor information and original account number.

You should contact the original creditor

If you think that your debt has gone to a collection agency, its important to contact your original creditor to verify about the money you owe and them who they placed your debt with or sold your debt to, ask them for the name, address, phone number, email and the person’s name in charge of handling your account at the agency or debt buying firm.

Tip: Keep calling down the Chain of Title to you find the rightful agency who is servicing your debt or the firm that owns your account. At first, this might not seem you’re getting anywhere but this is one of the only ways you are able to validate the rightful owner or agency calling on your account.

You must Reconcile your information

Reconcile your information on the credit reports with what you found in your records and by verifying with your original creditors. The collection agencies will report debts to the credit bureau if the debt isn’t already time-barred. While reporting, they will provide their contact information to the bureau. You can use this information to find your creditors and how much you owe to them.

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