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Beware Of Dealing SH*T FACE Fraudsters in the Debt Collection Space

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The debt industry is infested with corrupt debt collectors who cheat, and agency owners who steal, brokers who misrepresent data files, vendors who aggregate their data and share it with others in the industry. If you aspire to be an upcoming superstar debt collector - owner - broker - vendor that wants to do it right... then proceed with caution. You would not operate in a vacuum. You will be required to interact with some of the rogue operators in the network. It will depend upon your level of integrity and honesty whether you bend to everyone's crooked rules or follow your principles. Understandably, staying firm against the tide is complex. Yet, you must be a harbinger of change if you wish for transparency and accountability to prevail in the money-collection circuit.

The Problem:

The prospect of making money fast in a glamorous, shiny milieu attracts everyone. For a while, it may seem tempting to give in. You might even gain initial success by following what others around you do 🤡 , but sooner or later, you would realize that all lies owe a debt to the truth. Your denial of the truth won't make it go away. It will gain weight of its own until it becomes too heavy to ignore. To be more specific, the number of people you harm through your immoral financial practices will end you being in an inescapable vortex of misery, lies, and deceit.

😱 Caution:

Try to maintain an upright spine and not getting swayed by fraudulent monetary activities at your agency/office or in the debt industry. Try to stay abreast of all recent financial development to avoid getting fooled and later fooling others. If you want to avoid ending up miserable, avoid generating misery for others.


In Conclusion: It's no secret that the debt industry is infested with corrupt collectors, owners, brokers and vendors who cheat. But if you aspire to be a stellar collector - owner- broker - vendor in this crooked network of people then proceed cautiously. You will have to interact with some of these rogue operators but it all depends on your level of integrity whether you bend to everyone else's crooked rules or follow your principles. Underneath it all though, they are still human beings just like us so we can't fault them for their flaws as long as they're not hurting anyone too badly... 


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